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SIPROTEC 4 : Protection Relays

6MD61 6MD61

I/O Box

7SJ66 7SJ66

Overcurrent Protection

6MD63 6MD63

Medium Voltage Bay Unit

7SJ600 7SJ600

Overcurrent-, Motor- and Overload Relay

6MD662 / 6MD664 6MD662 / 6MD664

Bay Control Unit

7SJ601 7SJ601

Overcurrent, Motor and Overload Relay

6MD665 6MD665

Bay Processing Unit

7SJ602 7SJ602

Overcurrent and Overload Relay

7RE28 7RE28

Voltage Balance Relay

7SN600 7SN600

Transient Earth-Fault Relay

7RW600 7RW600

Voltage- / Frequency Protection

7SS52 7SS52

Distributed Busbar and Circuit-Breaker Failure Protection Relay

7SA61 7SA61

Distance Protection

7SS60 7SS60

Centralized Numerical Busbar Protection

7SA63 7SA63

Distance Protection

7ST61 / 7ST63 7ST61 / 7ST63

Numerical Overhead Contact-Line Protection for AC Traction Power Supply

7SA64 7SA64

Distance Protection

7SV600 7SV600

Numerical Circuit–Breaker Failure Protection Relay

7SA522 7SA522

Distance Protection

7UM611 / 7UM612 7UM611 / 7UM612

Multifunction Generator Protection Relay

7SD52 / 7SD53 7SD52 / 7SD53

Differential Protection for 2 - 6 Line-Terminals with Distance Protection

7UM621 / 7UM622 / 7UM623 7UM621 / 7UM622 / 7UM623

Multifunction Generator Protection Relay

7SD600 7SD600

Line Differential Protection for one pilot wire pair

7UT63 7UT63

Transformer Protection

7SD61 7SD61

Universal Two-Terminal Differential Protection

7UT612 7UT612

Multiple function protection for two winding transformers

7SJ45 7SJ45

Numerical overcurrent protection

7UT613 7UT613

Transformer Protection

7SJ46 7SJ46

Numerical overcurrent protection

7UW50 7UW50

Tripping Matrix

7SJ61 7SJ61

Multifunction Protection

7VE61 / 7VE63 7VE61 / 7VE63

Multifunction Paralleling Device

7SJ62 7SJ62

Multifunction Protection

7VH60 7VH60

High Impedance Differential Relay

7SJ63 7SJ63

Multifunction Protection

7VK61 7VK61

Breaker Management Relay

7SJ64 7SJ64

Multifunction Protection with Synchro Function

7VU68 7VU68

Multifunction High Speed Busbar Transfer Device